Inspecting and ReplacingLines on Your Boat

Lines on your boat are important tools to help you safely navigate to your destination, whether it is just around the local lake or crossing the ocean. Like all tools, lines need to be frequently checked for condition and replaced when damage is detected. Before heading out to a raft up or taking that long weekend cruise, make sure that your anchor line and all dock lines are free of frayed fibers, kinks, and oil or other chemicals that could cause the line to fail. If you are a sailor, check the condition of halyards and sheets and make sure they are free of tangles or knots that could get caught in blocks or sheaves. Before towing skiers or tubers, make sure that the sun has not degraded the polypropylene tow lines and that any splices securing the towable are still intact. When in doubt about the condition of any line on your boat, replace it.